Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Transnational Families

Alright, so I just completed an essay regarding transnational families. Something I'm pretty passionate about. The theme of my work this year has stemmed around domestic workers in Canada. Despite being sick for the past few days, along side my darling son, I have managed to complete an 8 page essay. Below is an excerpt form the essay. Enjoy!!!

"A transnational family is a term rarely used to describe the struggles and sacrifices that an individual makes for their immediate family overseas. Transnational families refer to one member of a family working overseas while the remaining family members stay in the country of origin (Bernhard, Landolt, & Goldring, 2008). Many women in developing countries rely on more developed countries for employment. One employment area in which Canada seeks out work is in the domestic work sector. This produced a program known today as the “Live-in Caregiver Program”. The idea of this essay began with a quote from a movie titled “Nanny Diaries” where a nanny states “I left my country because I thought I could give my boy and my sick mother a better life. I was supposed to be here 2 to 3 years tops and while I’ve been raising these strangers’ children, my own child has grown up without a mother. That is how this job chose me” (2007). This essay will look at domestic workers and their transnational families. I will go into more detail regarding gendered role of mothering, both transnational and biological, Canada’s part in labour migration, the role of the labour-sending country and finally the effects of labour migration to family members. The main objective of the essay will focus on the question, why do women from third-world countries continue to leave family behind to work in Canada? And who really benefits from labour migration?"

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