Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Robot Punch Art


This is a card I made to challenge myself. I joined a punch art swap dispite not having any punch art experience. This card kept me up all night, for many nights. I wanted to create something unique and cute. My inspiration was cartoons that my son likes to watch. Cartoons have many simple shapes that can get recreated through punch art and due to the lack of punches I own, a robot was perfect. Punches needed: 1 3/8" square (x2), 1" Circle (x2) & 3/4" circle (x4) I hope you enjoy the video. THANX!

xoxo, Krissie

1 comment:

  1. I absolutly LUV LUV this amazing punched out artsy card...have to case this and make my own for sure since I didn;t get it in the but I did get your other card though,and it's lovely indeed!:o)